Garden Maintenance

Green N Clean Auckland

If you live in Auckland and have a passion for clean living both indoors and out, Green N Clean is the best option for you. Our garden clean up services are professionally managed by experts in the fields of housekeeping, landscaping and household maintenance, so you can trust we’ll get your outdoor space looking its absolute best. We will weed your garden to remove any unwanted plants, as well as rake up leaves, dead tree foliage and any other green waste to get your lawn looking clean and pristine. We also prune your trees and other plants for an extra tidy finish, as well as helping to keep your plants healthy and clean.

We offer a one-off maintenance service if your lawn needs a quick tune-up, or we can do regular scheduled services to keep your garden looking better for longer. We use tried and tested methods and processes to guarantee good results every time. Our team recognises that different jobs require different solutions, so we make sure to spend time considering and planning the best approach for each garden we work on. Get in contact so we can help keep your garden as a valuable asset to your property.


Our team understands your requirements much more than you may know yourself. We have gained years of experience and exposure by working for so many clients in the area. Auckland is an amazing place with a lot of avenues to develop good-quality lawns and gardens. This has helped in inspiring many household and facility owners to own better and well maintained gardens. It goes without saying that a garden provides a great deal of comfort for anyone; it is also a matter of personal pride and privilege in many cases. No matter what the reason is behind your passion for gardens, we pitch in with our technical and practical expertise in order to ensure your garden is well taken care of. We also recommend changes if needed based on our assessment and understanding.



Ensuring your garden’s cleanliness and tidiness is our responsibility. We ensure that your outdoor area looks perfectly impressive from an external viewpoint. In the process of cleaning, we are more than careful to ensure the safety of your lawn and special plants. Green N Clean has a focus on the gardens in the South Auckland area. They are special in many ways and we ensure appropriate maintenance of the highest standard by implementing some of the best garden maintenance techniques. The tools we use and the techniques we have in place are second to none.


Our premium service that deals with specialized gardens with exotic plants and monitor their growth from time to time. It helps our customers to stay relaxed and refreshed all the time. Well-maintained greenery around ensures better health for people living in their respective homes. We understand the demands and concerns you may have when it comes to maintaining a garden and outdoor area at a leased property. We can take on that responsibility on your behalf.