Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Auckland

As well as our outdoor cleaning work, Green N Clean also offers carpet cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties all over Auckland, to keep your property looking just as good on the inside as it does outside. Without the proper care, your carpets could start looking stained, worn out and dilapidated, and this also creates a possibility of hygiene risks caused by buildup of dirt and other residue. We can also clean rugs and upholstery to get all your interior fabrics looking their best.

We use a truck-mounted commercial hot water machine, which uses a powerful steam cleaning method to remove dirt quickly, meaning we won’t need to wear down your carpets by going over the same spots multiple times. Our steam cleaning methods utilize water-based vacuum extraction for a deep, thorough clean, leading to a perfect finish on any fabric surface. Let our team of experts revitalize your floors and eliminate the stress of uncleanliness.

Taking a realistic and proactive approach

Accumulation of pet odour, smoke from kitchens or cigarettes, dirt, particles of pollution and cockroach allergens are common in many homes and our residential carpet cleaning service performs by driving them away in a wonderful way. Often the pollutants and dust particles will increase mild allergy symptoms because of the presence of microbes that can easily be inhaled.

Our team at Green N Clean also offer commercial carpet cleaning in Auckland. Weneed to be your first port of call when it comes to steam cleaning. This carpet maintenance will prevent the survival of dust mites. Dirty carpets are a source of moisture, too, and they may lead to mould growth along the walls of a property. We can build a healthier working environment by eliminating this.

Dust accumulation in the rugs and carpets can cause an adverse effect on your health including snoring, asthma, breathing disorders and more. Our residential carpet cleaning service in South Auckland offers professional carpet cleaning that will kill the microbes through carpet shampoo formulas – removing the deeply trapped pollutants. We can also clear out mite infestations as well as preventing mould growth. Our professionals use high-powered drying tools to prevent moisture, which in turn would prevent mildew growth.

Commercial Cleaning

For a healthy, more productive office environment

Its no secret that a clean, tidy and hygienic workplace leads to a more productive work-force and why wouldn’t it?

Without the distraction of excess clutter, dirty desks and poor quality cleaning your team can just focus on the job that’s ahead of them all while reducing their chances of getting sick from having a clear cleaning and sanitising programme in place.