Landscaping Auckland

Landscaping is essential to maintaining a healthy, good looking garden, and giving your outdoor space that unique touch to feel like home. At Green N Clean, we are experts in landscaping and offer our services all over the greater Auckland area, specialising in new residential gardens and new home builds. Our expertise means we understand landscaping is more than just mowing lawns and planting greenery – it’s an opportunity to extend your living area, enhance your property value, and turn your garden into something truly special.

We offer more than just garden design, mowing and hedge trimming – we can put together a full package and help create a completely new outdoor space. We can install pavers to construct a path or patio to generate a more interesting, dynamic layout for your garden. We can also make garden boxes or install edgings, to give you more space for planting and greenery so you can customise your garden to make it truly your own. For added personalization, we offer different types of bark and decorative stones to create textural variety and give a unique touch of personality to your outdoor space. We can also lay topsoil for lawns or gardens for healthier plants. We develop our plans as we work to allow us to adapt to any changes during the landscaping process, meaning you’ll get the perfect finish every time.


  • Our experts dealing in landscaping in Auckland not only focus on executing the garden plan that has been put together, but also on the finer details, taking the stress away from you. We ensure that we are removing any debris and have a reputation for been clean and tidy. On top of landscaping, our crew can clear the lawns each week and assists people to fetch a neater landscape.
  • In a yard, there is no limitation of resources and we are experts at implementing them wisely. We will create a beautiful and enviable outdoor space, always taking into account the longevity of the build and how we can create a low-maintenance option.
  • Reinforcement is also promoted by the professionals here, who are Landscapers in South Auckland. As the project is carried out, we will always be reinforcing anything that is built to keep you safe and make your garden last.
  • In addition to one-off landscaping services in Auckland, we can also offer an ongoing service that will have us regularly coming to your home or business to carryout garden care and maintenance.