Hedges/Tree Trimming

Hedges/Tree Trimming Auckland

Proper garden maintenance requires consideration of every part of your yard, which is why Green N Clean offers hedge and tree trimming services to get your hedges and trees looking perfect, bringing the garden together and maximising its value. We provide one-off trimming for hedges if you just need a quick fix-up, or can arrange regular hedge care so you can make the most of your outdoor plants and keep them healthy and clean.

Whether you need trimming to tidy up, get a better view, or let more light into your garden, you can trust our team of experts to get all your greenery working in your favour and enhancing the look and feel of your outdoor space. We pride ourselves on our clean workmanship and dedication to following all necessary health and safety procedures, and will create comprehensive plans to prevent any damage to your plants or your property. Keeping your plants tidy and well maintained can turn your garden into a true asset, adding value to your property and creating a space where you, your friends and your family will want to spend time.

Advantage with Green N clean

  • Our team are experts in hedge trimming and are based in Auckland. They can carryout trimming services on plants including hedges, bushes, trees and more, giving them a proper shape. Once the job is complete, we will dispose of the debris, leaving your yard fresh, tidy and the envy of your neighbours.
  • We can schedule a regular trimming and shaping service, to ensure your yard is always looking its best. Alternatively, we can come out for a one-off service, too.
  • At Green N Clean, we can work with you to come up with a plan that is best suited to your garden and utilises the space in the most effective way. There’s countless resources in a backyard, and we have the knowledge to plan the best design.
  • Hedge cutting in South Auckland can also provide reinforcement. When the grass is cut, each cut of the shoots work for the purpose of proliferation that would make the grass more visible in nature.